Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Monday November 15, 4 members covered the Williamsburg bus, Harran bus, & MC5 Bel Air with 40′ covers designed for Recreation Vehicles. 2 buses were moved off the dirt and put on concrete to prevent ground moisture from causing rust on the undercarriage and various lines. The rest of the fleet parked outside is on a stone base. The battery was removed from the Harran to prevent freezing and some buses were started and run to give batteries a full charge before freezing weather sets in. The 4905 was moved to the front of the lot with plans for repair of the power steering hose. Also, plans are to move the CAT bus to indoor storage for the winter. The annex was cleaned and about half the grass was cut and weed whacking done. There was some cleaning and organizing of the storage trailers.

Previously, in late October, the annex was prepped for winter with all water lines drained.

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